1. Yes, we're hiring.

    But we don't just hire anyone. We want people who are ridiculously good at what they do, yet humble enough to know that they can be better.

    People with the ambition to dream up something few can imagine, and courage to work towards it with burning passion and fearless focus.

    People who are excited about the idea of working with technology so new that others have trouble explaining what it is.

    Most of all, we want people who have yet to lose their inner child. After all, we're all here to bring more fun to the world.

    These are the people we call goGetters, and we want more of them.


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  1. Openings at goGame

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  1. Game Developer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


    goGame Malaysia is looking for Game Developers capable of turning ideas into reality through clever use of programming. You will be teamed with developers working on different parts of the game such as server and client development. As such, there can be many roles that you can fill within the team. You are also encouraged […]

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  1. Traditional Chinese Translator (Bonifacio Global City, Manila)

    Your go-Getting Mission: General translation work from Chinese to English and English to Chinese. Takes ownership for every interaction and has the initiative to provide the best possible approach to each situation. Provide translation service for in-game text and assets as required by the project. Documentation and translation of inquiries, responses, game related content and […]

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  1. Software Engineer (Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur)


    Software engineers at goGame work their magic like a wizard in every part of the stack, at every level of abstraction. They are experienced generalists who thrive on a variety of challenges, and seek to expand their technical skill-set at every opportunity. Most of all, they enjoy building software that delights its users.   Your […]

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  1. QA Tester (Taguig City, Manila)


    Your go-Getting Mission Sets testing plans for and oversee the testing of assigned Projects (Games) Creates and maintains Test Cases Promotes quality of features in functionality during testing, launch and while in live Tracks game performance and ensures that all features, old and new, are in best shape Documents all the issues and errors encountered […]

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  1. Game Server Programmer (HCMC)


    Your go-Getting Mission Gathering requirements, system design and development Deploy and maintain software systems; Working with the latest in Amazon AWS Cloud Technologies; Developing high-scale / high-load / distributed solutions; Work with outside data sources and API’s; Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability; Work on bug fixing and improving application […]

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  1. Game Producer


    Similar to a Project Manager, a Game Producer is  a natural born leader who will be accountable for managing the game project from the planning stage, production and all the way to the publishing side. You are to work on and execute on the vision of a game title, define the game concept as well […]

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  1. Client Game Developer (HCMC)


    Do you posses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits? Are you willing to work tirelessly with our team of talented, dedicated go-Getting programmers to develop SDK including API to be integrated with other platform, engine and framework?   Your go-Getting Mission Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features; […]

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