Dragon Project is now available for the world!

In August, we released Dragon Project for Southeast Asia. Today, it’s available for the rest of the world (excluding China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau and Taiwan) on both the App Store and Google Play!

Some Dragon Project trivia, some fun statistics* to celebrate our global launch:

Battle-worn Behemoth

Jondargil was summoned the most times (over 28,000 times!)

Power Player

[LR]KiszShot has the highest player level—250 (and in just 26 days!)

Everyone’s Favorite Weapon

Great Sword is the most popular weapon class.

Average Hunting Session is around 16.5 minutes long

Vietnam loves Heiland

Most Hunters are from Vietnam (for now).

*Accurate as of 4 October 2017

Welcome to Heiland, Hunters all over the world! Ready to slay some monsters?