Ahoy there landlubbers!
A pirate’s life awaits! Tis ye chance to set sail on a swashbucklin’ adventure across the seven seas. Complete story quests. Battle rival pirates, sea creatures and other players. Build ye formidable fleet. And lead yer very own crew of fearsome pirates to freedom, honour and adventure in this free-to-play RPG game from SEGA.
  1. Captain, meet ye crew!
    1. Complete story quests and conquer the seven seas.
    1. Defeat your rivals in aim-and-fire battles.
    2. Build your fleet of formidable ships.
    3. Assemble your crew of fearsome pirates.
    4. Challenge other players in PvP duels.


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  2. Yes, War Pirates will be coming to your mobile phone very soon! In this free-to- play RPG from SEGA, you’ll take on the role of Pirate Captain and lead your crew on a swashbuckling adventure.Pre Registration

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An outsider to this world, Alice arrived by accident while chasing after a rabbit. Her curious nature and innocent looks have led many foolhardy rivals to their downfall. So whatever you do, never underestimate her.

    • Max HP8417
    • Max ATK9616
    • Active SkillHope
    • Passive SkillMain Gun Reduction
    • Gunnery16812
    • Loading9856