goGame at Unite 2016, Singapore

Since 2007, Unity has been hosting an annual conference called Unite. It’s a great place for enthusiasts in the game industry to mingle, brainstorm, and learn from others.

This year, the 2-day event was held in Singapore for the first time and we’re very proud to say that our CEO David was invited to speak.

In a talk titled “The serious business of selling fun”, David spoke about the huge potential and harsh realities of making a living from mobile games—and how game publishing is now as important as game development.

His three key takeaways were:

1. To sell fun, start at the development phase.
For everyone around the world to enjoy your game, do not overlook the environmental factors such as file sizes, game loading and screen transition times.

2. The math of free-to-play
If you have a free-to-play mobile game, it’s likely that each of your paying players will need to spend $100 just so you can break even on the amount you spent to acquire all your users. All the more reason to obsess over your paying players.

3. Reach out to the right audience
User acquisition fraud is rampant, so first make sure you’re talking to humans and not bots. Next, target smarter—talk to people who are more likely to enjoy and support your game.

The talk was well-received by students and industry professionals alike.

“Learnt a lot. The examples given were easy-to-follow.”

“Even for an experienced person, we are reminded by a reality check of things we miss (e.g credit card penetration)”

Missed the talk? Watch this space! We’ll update it with the video when the good folks over at Unity publish it.