1. goGame at Asia Leaders Summit 2017

  1. Our CEO David was invited to speak at the 4th Asia Leaders Summit in Taiwan earlier this month.

    Launched in 2014 by Incubate Fund, the largest seed stage investment group in Japan, the Asia Leaders Summit aims to build a robust, dynamic community of young leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across Asia.

    Each year, the event is held in a different country, and for 2017, it was a 2-day conference in Taiwan filled with precious insights from brilliant minds around Asia, covering a broad scope of topics including fintech, AI, VR, and IoT (Internet of Things).

    David at ALS

    In his talk titled ‘Growing Pains: My experience in scaling start-ups that last’, David offered six learnings from his 28 years of growing companies:

    1. Start with a vision
    2. Hire passionate people
    3. Set goals, not tasks.
    4. Focus on roles, not location.
    5. Grow a company of cells.
    6. Trust the process.

    David was in good company as there were also plenty of other insightful speakers, including Haruki Satomi (President and CEO of SEGA Games), who spoke about VR.

    Haruki at ALS

    More importantly, the summit was a great success filled with lots of lively exchange among over 100 C-suite participants from top companies around the Asia.

    In fact, we’re already looking forward to next year’s event!