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  1. goGame aims for global mobile games publishing with investments from SEGA and Incubate Fund

  1. Just like free-to-play games, this multi-million local start-up’s “free-to- publish” system will revolutionise the way game developers get their games into the market with speed and ease.

    SINGAPORE — Japanese video game giant SEGA is making its foray into global mobile games publishing through its investments in homegrown start-up goGame. SEGA Networks, the mobile games division of SEGA, together with Japan’s leading early-stage venture capitalist Incubate Fund are the initial investors in four-month old goGame.


    With its multi-million dollar war chest, goGame will initially target budding game developers in the fast-growing South-east Asia markets, then other Asian regions before taking on the rest of the world.


    goGame’s secret recipe is its revolutionary free-to-publish system called goPlay, a modular self- service Web-based system where game developers can choose the essential ancillary services they need to launch their game successfully through a simple drag-and-drop selection process.


    With his experience as ex-CEO of gumi Asia - the company which successfully internationalised Japanese games such as Chain Chronicles and Brave Frontier as well as launching its own games such as Puzzle Trooper and working with Disney to produce Big Hero 6: Bot Fight – David Ng has deep understanding of the challenges faced by game developers to bring their games to market.


    David Ng, CEO of goGame said: “It’s not enough to just make a good mobile game. Success requires marketing, analytics, customer management, customer acquisition, localisation and many other essential but laborious processes to be in place - which can be very daunting for new game makers.”


    “We have developed a system which manages all these processes for the game developers through a self-service model so that they can focus on what they do best – making awesome games,” he added.


    Just like free-to-play games, developers can opt for the basic free publishing service or pay extra for additional options. goGame also offers traditional games publishing arrangements where the developer offers a share of revenue to the publisher who then handles everything from marketing to customer acquisition to distribution for the game maker.


    Minoru Iwaki, COO of SEGA Networks said: “The mobile games market in matured economies like Japan is becoming saturated and increasingly very competitive. We believe the next phase of growth will come from new and developing markets such as South-east Asia where the mobile games business is seeing huge growth opportunities. Through our investment in goGame, we can be part of this next growth curve while helping new game makers launch their original creations to the world.”


    Masahiko Honma, co-founder and general partner of Incubate Fund said: "In just three years, David built the operations of gumi Asia from ground up to help the Japanese mobile gaming company make its mark globally. Under David’s leadership, gumi’s Brave Frontier joined the global top 10 highest-grossing games in 2014 on both the Apple, and Google Play stores. Given the situation that there are many white spaces of mobile gaming opportunities in emerging markets and the capabilities of David and his team, I strongly believe goGame has the potential to become a billion dollar company from Singapore in the days to come."


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