1. Disney Crossy Road SEA Launch – Did someone say Multiplayer?

  1. Yes, you read right.

    Disney Crossy Road SEA has launched, where you can cross the road with more than 300 Disney Characters, not to mention an exclusive Multiplayer mode!
    Gather your friends now and challenge them in real-time - check this out below:

    Cross the road and collect as many coins as you can. You have 3 minutes, and you’ll be competing with up to 5 other players! Just don’t go splat, or you’ll lose all your coins.

    You can choose to play with random players, or to play with your friends. To play with friends, all you need to do is create a game and get your friends to join your game with your unique code.

    This is a brand new feature created by goGame that’s not available in the other versions of Disney Crossy Road so we’re pretty excited about it!

    Road-crossing will never be a lonely experience anymore!

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    goGame: Disney Crossy Road
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