1. Road-crossing adventures in SEA

  1. In April 2016, Disney and Hipster Whale announced the launch of Disney Crossy Road in 39

    countries. An all-new take on the 8-bit endless adventure to cross the road without splatting,

    featuring your favourite Disney characters.

    Today, we’re happy to announce that mobile gamers in Southeast Asia will be able to join in the

    road-crossing adventures very soon!

    Here’s what you can expect:

    300+ Disney/Pixar figurines

    Most are ‘Classic’. Some are ‘Rare’. Few are ‘Epic’. And only one is ‘Legendary’. Over 300

    figurines to be unlocked, won, and discovered. But don’t just collect them all—play them all!

    19+ worlds with unique obstacles

    Cross hot coals in Aladdin. Collect hourglasses in Time's Castle (Alice Through The Looking

    Glass). Every world has its unique obstacles, and some may even have an 8-bit soundtrack. Be

    sure to keep the audio on and your ears open!

    Complete daily and weekend missions for rewards


    Fresh challenges every day that’ll get you coins, pixels or stamps. 6 stamps will get you one

    exclusive figurine, so don’t let those missions slip you by.

    Share your high scores and top the leaderboards


    Road-crossing shouldn’t be a solo experience. Connect with Facebook so you can share high

    scores and compare rankings on the leaderboards!

    As excited as we are? Try your luck at winning a figurine here! There are

    32 Classic, Rare and Epic Figurines up for grabs and it’s completely free! Plus, you can get up to

    6 chances every day to win.

    goGame: Disney Crossy Road
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