• Get to know us
  1. We are a mobile game publisher and subsidiary of SEGA.

    Our story started in Singapore, July 2015 and took a pivotal turn when we gained the backing of gaming giant SEGA and venture capitalist Incubate Fund. We quickly expanded across Asia with offices in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

    We are made up of people from various countries, cultures and specializations, with one thing in common--we're serious about play.

    We believe games are powerful. They put smiles on faces. Unburden minds. And they offer everyone a place in worlds they've only dreamed of.

    That's why we're here to help game developers bring their code to mobile screens across the globe. To turn their good game into a great one. More importantly, we have the vision, talent and ambition to make it happen.

  1. David Ng

    CEO & Founder

    Armed with a clear vision, decades of industry experience and a lifetime of passion, David is leading the charge to help developers bring their games to the world.

    Best known for orchestrating the success of Brave Frontier, David's also a huge believer in nurturing the next generation. He's a mentor at the Games Solution Centre (GSC), an incubator for Singapore-based game developers, and he regularly participates in many other Infocommunications Media Development Authority (IMDA) initiatives.