• Get to know us
  1. We are a mobile game publisher and subsidiary of SEGA.

    Our story started in Singapore, July 2015 and took a pivotal turn when we gained the backing of gaming giant SEGA and venture capitalist Incubate Fund. We quickly expanded across Asia with offices in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

    We are made up of people from various countries, cultures and specializations, with one thing in common--we're serious about play.

    We believe games are powerful. They put smiles on faces. Unburden minds. And they offer everyone a place in worlds they've only dreamed of.

    That's why we're here to help game developers bring their code to mobile screens across the globe. To turn their good game into a great one. More importantly, we have the vision, talent and ambition to make it happen.

  1. David Ng

    CEO & Founder

    Armed with a clear vision, decades of industry experience and a lifetime of passion, David is leading the charge to help developers bring their games to the world.

    Best known for orchestrating the success of Brave Frontier, David's also a huge believer in nurturing the next generation. He's a mentor at the Games Solution Centre (GSC), an incubator for Singapore-based game developers, and he regularly participates in many other Infocommunications Media Development Authority (IMDA) initiatives.

  1. Meet the goGetters

  1. David C.E.O. Singapore
  2. Hock Chuan Director of Operations Singapore
  3. Cheena Interim Country Manager Philippines
  4. Nicole Legal Counsel Singapore
  5. Edmund Game Evaluation Manager Singapore
  6. Mun Ping Art Lead Singapore
  7. Victor Z. Senior Producer Singapore
  8. Hui Jing Accounts/Admin Executive Singapore
  9. Doris Digital Marketing Manager Singapore
  10. Joyce Regional Product Manager Singapore
  11. Huwaina Finance Manager Singapore
  12. William Director - Strategic Planning Singapore
  13. Gerry Producer Singapore
  14. Ramu Product Manager Philippines
  15. Pei-Pei Director - Strategic Projects Singapore
  16. Camz QA Manager Philippines
  17. Javed Server Engineer Singapore
  18. Sam Game Designer Taiwan
  19. Aika Community Manager Philippines
  20. Tom Web Developer Vietnam
  21. Luigi Producer Vietnam
  22. Alvin Jr Game Designer Singapore
  23. Hiep An Server Programmer Vietnam
  24. Sean Publishing Manager Taiwan
  25. Nick Software Architect Singapore
  26. Penny Liu Game Designer Taiwan
  27. Hank Lead Artist Taiwan
  28. Marco Lead MIS Engineer Taiwan
  29. Lucia Administrative Officer Taiwan
  30. Jerome Lead Programmer Taiwan
  31. Carrie Senior Copywriter Singapore
  32. Yasu Publishing Director Singapore
  33. Wade AWS Engineer Taiwan
  34. Kila AWS Engineer Taiwan
  35. Phyllis Localization Specialist Taiwan
  36. Hansalu Lead Artist Taiwan
  37. Kats Game Support Manager Philippines
  38. Lebel Unity Programmer Taiwan
  39. Phi Client Game Developer Vietnam
  40. Dina Talent Acquisition Executive Singapore
  41. Duy Client Programmer Vietnam
  42. Sherry Data Analyst Singapore
  43. Colin Producer Singapore
  44. Keynes Game Eval / Localization Specialist Singapore
  45. David Senior Art Designer Taiwan
  46. Simon Snr Server Programmer Taiwan
  47. Kenneth Localization Specialist Singapore
  48. Tuan Anh Server Programmer Vietnam
  49. Joe Lead Game Designer Taiwan
  50. Kelvin Software Engineer Singapore
  51. Sonia IT Administrator Singapore
  52. Luo Yi Senior Game Designer Singapore
  53. Kewen HR Manager Singapore
  54. Serhat Senior Software Engineer Singapore
  55. Aleem Client Engineer Singapore
  56. Wesley Business Developer Exec Taiwan
  57. Willie Unity / Server Programmer Taiwan
  58. Du Li Server Engineer Singapore
  59. Paz Game Support Specialist Philippines
  60. Bords QA Tester Philippines
  61. Kimi Game Support Specialist Philippines
  62. Vic QA Tester Philippines
  63. Kiko QA Tester Philippines
  64. Bowie QA Tester - Team Lead Philippines
  65. Jovit QA Tester Philippines
  66. Paul QA Tester Philippines
  67. Linda Jr Server Programmer Taiwan
  68. Vincent Junior Game Evaluation Specialist Singapore
  69. Migo Multimedia Artist Philippines
  70. Den QA Tester Philippines
  71. Sami UI/UX Designer Singapore
  72. Jan QA Tester Philippines
  73. Lhai GS- Quality Control Assistant Team Lead Philippines
  74. Os QA Tester Philippines
  75. Chelle Admin Assistant Philippines
  76. Jeff QA Tester Philippines
  77. JC Game Support Specialist Philippines
  78. Yi Cong Junior Game Evaluation Specialist Singapore
  79. Jed Game Support Specialist Philippines
  80. Aldrin Game Support Specialist Philippines
  81. RJ Game Support Specialist Philippines
  82. Gem QA Tester Philippines
  83. Jules Game Support Specialist Philippines
  84. Kaye QA Tester Philippines
  85. Francis QA Tester Philippines
  86. Mon QA Tester- Team Lead Philippines
  87. Keith Game Support Specialist Philippines
  88. Paolo QA Tester Philippines
  89. Migs QA Tester Philippines
  90. Mark Anthony QA Tester Philippines
  91. Cien QA Tester Philippines
  92. Gibo GS- Quality Control Team Lead Philippines
  93. Bryan Customer Service Rep Philippines
  94. Austin QA Tester Philippines
  95. Marco QA Tester Philippines
  96. Ricky QA Tester Philippines
  97. Rhon Community Manager Philippines
  98. Mark Game Support Specialist Philippines
  99. Mio QA Tester Philippines
  100. Ward QA Tester Philippines
  101. Chen QA Tester Philippines
  102. Ronald IT Administrator Philippines
  103. Penny HR Supervisor Taiwan
  104. Aga Game Support Specialist Philippines
  105. Ngan Client Game Developer Vietnam
  106. Hien Client Game Developer Vietnam
  107. Huy Tester Vietnam
  108. Cam Tu Accountant Vietnam
  109. Khoa DevOps Engineer Vietnam
  110. Quang Client Game Developer Vietnam
  111. Tri Client Game Developer Vietnam
  112. Kien Producer Vietnam
  113. Ngoc Server Programmer Vietnam
  114. Giang Game Designer Vietnam
  115. Nhan Client Game Developer Vietnam
  116. Anh Khoa Game Designer Vietnam
  117. Hoang Tester Vietnam
  118. Cuong Game Designer Vietnam
  119. Phuong QA Tester Vietnam
  120. Huong QA Tester Vietnam
  121. Chi Game Developer Vietnam
  122. Phu Server Programmer Vietnam
  123. Hien Talent Acquisition Officer Vietnam
  124. Thanh Client Game Developer Vietnam
  125. Thien Game Developer Vietnam
  126. Minh IT Administrator Vietnam
  127. Ke Server Programmer Vietnam
  128. Tri Client Game Developer Vietnam
  129. Tien QA Tester Vietnam
  130. John Senior Community Manager Thailand
  131. Ramet Localization Specialist Thailand